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Sport Sauna

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Elevate your workout with the Sport Sauna by Health Mate. Practice hot yoga, or just work up some extra sweat during your workout, from the comfort of your own home. The Sport Sauna is free of benches or obstructions, which provides you and up to 5 other people with the largest amount of space possible for your workout. This sauna features low EMF heaters, consisting of 16 Tecoloy heaters on the walls and 4 flat heaters on the ceiling, to ensure that you get the highest possible benefits. Additionally, this sauna is made from Western Red Cedar, which means it is naturally antimicrobial and will deter fungus, mold and bacteria.

Exterior Dimensions:

  • Width: 74 516
  • Depth: 86 18
  • Height: 90 14

About the Manufacturer

Health Mate was first to produce an infrared sauna in 1979. Their past is rich with achievements and advancements. Every day Health Mate strives to offer infrared saunas utilizing the wealth of 40 years of experience. Health Mate owns its own factory, sources its own wood and is the only brand with a UL listed heater.