CR Plastics Chaise Lounge in aqua
CR Plastics Chaise Lounge in black
CR Plastics Chaise Lounge in chocolate
CR Plastics Chaise Lounge in slate grey
CR Plastics Chaise Lounge in turquoise
CR Plastics Chaise Lounge in white

Chaise Lounge

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Sit back and relax! This chase lounge can be adjusted to three different angles, and has wheels for easy mobility. Whether you like to sit up and read or lay back and sleep, this lounge is perfect for chilling out. 

CR Plastics makes their furniture with recycled plastic, which means there's no paint, slivers, rot or water damage. You can have piece of mind knowing you've given a special new purpose to plastic that was originally destined to be wasted in a landfill.


About the Manufacturer

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